The one-of-a-kind Kimchi in the world.

Why? check out the ingredient list and how we make our product.

We distinguish our product and price by its size and offer a discount on the next purchase with the digital coupon.

(automatically sent after the first time purchase)

  • Pro Size jar to return, you receive a €1.50 discount.

  • Starter Size jar to return, you receive a €1.00 discount.

  • Minions Size 2 jars together to return, you get a 1.00 discount.

  • Lato Kombucha bottles to return, you get a €0.30 discount.

  • Add-On Items: Add-Items are now available to add to your general Kimchi purchase and have them delivered to your home altogether.

All the prices include:

9% VAT and the delivery is now available in

Amsterdam, Haarlem, Diemen, Amstelveen

Deliveries are made between

Tuesday and Saturday evenings 6 PM and 8 30 PM 

The shop kitchen House of Fermentation is open for direct purchase, tasting, and more.