The one-of-a-kind Kimchi in the world.

Why? check out the ingredient list and how we make our product.

We distinguish our product and price by its size and offer a discount on the next purchase with the digital coupon.

(automatically sent after the first time purchase)

  • Pro Size jar to return, you receive a €1.50 discount.

  • Starter Size jar to return, you receive a €1.00 discount.

  • Add-On Items: Add-Items are now available to add to your general Kimchi purchase and have them delivered to your home altogether.

All the prices include:

9% VAT and the delivery is now available in

Amsterdam, Haarlem, Diemen, Amstelveen

Deliveries are generally made between

Tuesdays and Saturdays evenings 6 PM and 8 30 PM.

All Aged Kimchi production is on pause due to the heatwave and other climate change issues.

The production will resume in late September, the release will begin in late November.

There will be 5 different types of Kimchi to be put together and depending on the recipe,

the aging period will also be various.

Until then, enjoy the classic young Kimchi.