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The Table for Kimchi
No Sugar | No Plastic
Naturally fermented with an authentic Korean recipe
Now zero waste production to zero waste sales cycle

Flower Garland 7

Our classic vegan Kimchi is

one of a kind Kimchi.

With the authentic recipe originated in Jinju, South Korea, and 17 ingredients in total,

The Table for Kimchi is rich in nutrition and health benefits.

Kimchi and Korean recipes behind is the only fermentation method that is developed for microorganisms to live on forever.

Carefully researching the history behind Kimchi linking to select the right ingredients is what backs the authenticity of our Kimchi.

Our Kimchi is vegan, made with more natural ingredients, more nutrition diversity, and more health benefits. 



Being environmentally sustainable business begins with making the right decision.

Making the right decision

oftentimes leads to a tough road.


However, just like many roads,

it is paved by many that

walk-on together.


 Since 2019, our customers have proved that

the road: choosing to stay with a glass jar and

return for reuse is the right road.

The road still has more bumps and challenges,

but we are empowered to

continue paving the road.

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