The Table for Kimchi

No Sugar | No Plastic

Naturally fermented with authentic Korean recipe

The new batch of Kimchi is fermenting, breathing, and aging for about...

With authentic recipe originated in Jinju, South Korea, The Table for Kimchi is rich with 11 everyday vegetables.


As well as kiwis and apples that replace sugar, and

6 key ingredients that replace fish sauce and shrimp paste sauce. 


With all the natural ingredients, The Table for Kimchi 

inhibits microorganism that continues the fermentation forever just like at my home.


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10 Benefits of Kimchi


The Korean Superfood: Kimchi and Its Health Benefits

Benefits of quitting sugar

Photo by Birgit Loit

We refuse to be part of any plastic use cycle. The Table for Kimchi comes in a glass jar that can be returned for a discount.

The glass jar is a safe, sustainable, economical, and beautiful way to ferment and enjoy Kimchi at home.


As the fermentation continues on, The Table for Kimchi breaths and ages for months and years. 

Let us collect your jars once you are done and get €1.50 and €1.00 off of the next purchase.


Find out about plastic issue:

Why plastic is a huge issue


Sign the petition here to ban supermarkets to use unnecessary plastics

The Table for 3 Sea Plants

Codium | Kelp | Seaweed


Minerals including B12

Omega 3

Aromatic flavour

The Table for Friends


The Table for Kimchi brings the Mini jar (430gram) to the PVH's beautiful Haoupthaven campus Deli. We are happy to work with PVH on encouraging their employees to be part of zero-waste living by collecting the mini jars back.

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The Table for Kimchi collaborates with Box Sociaal in order to bring unique Korean dishes to those with adventurous pallet.  



Tea Stories is a beautiful space to enjoy a delicious cup of tea and a toasty with our very own The Table for Kimchi. You can also purchase our Starter Jar there. Located in the up-and-coming Yksi Expo and has a sustainability-minded approach. What's more to ask?


You can now get your The Table for Kimchi at Delicous Food store right in the heart of Amsterdam (very close to Saturday organic market Noordermarkt)! When your jar is empty, come back to swap it for €1 discount. And don't forget to get some zero waste pantry staples, as well as other delicious home-made and organic goodies.

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Korean food and Kimchi themed Workshops

Showcase and tasting Experiences

Art & Food Experiences

Buy healthy vegan Kimchi in Amsterdam. No sugar, no plastic. Order online and get your delivery by bike.

Zero waste? Swap jars on next delivery! 

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