The Table for Kimchi

No Sugar | No Plastic

Naturally fermented with an authentic Korean recipe

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Our classic vegan Kimchi is

one of a kind Kimchi.

With the authentic recipe originated in Jinju, South Korea, and 17 ingredients in total,

The Table for Kimchi is rich in nutrition and health benefits.

Kimchi and Korean recipes behind is the only fermentation method that is developed for microorganism to live on for years.

Carefully selected fruits and sea plants allow our classic Kimchi to ferment for years to come.

Following the traditional methodology, our Kimchi is vegan with more nutrition and flavor.



Being environmentally sustainable business begins with making the right decision.

Making the right decision

oftentimes leads to a tough road.


However, just like many roads,

it is paved by many that

walk-on together.


Over the past 2 and half years,

our customers proved that

the road which is choosing to stay with a glass jar and

return for reuse is the right road.

The road still has more bumps and challenges,

but we are empowered to

continue paving the road.

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House of Fermentation.

A tasting platter and ginger tea are on the house.

Step in for a little treat and take a break from all that is going on outside.



The new addition to our Kimchi collection

Available now

for store-purchase only

€13 (430gram) - Jar return €0.50

Napa cabbage

Sea plants + vegetable stock

Sweet rice powder


Red current


Red chili peppers

Sea salt




Available for pick up


House-made wrap

Kimchi x Aubergine pesto

 Walnut oil, Sesame oil, soy sauce, Gochujang








Available for pick up


Bio - Flour

Almond flour

Aged Kimchi

Organic soy sauce

sesame oil

Himalayan salt

The Table

All our meals are available now for pick up or bike-delivery(Limited to close proximity).
The principles of the meals are:
Vegan recipe oriented
packed with various side dishes to balance the flavor and nutrition.
Zero waste Principle
A vegan option doesn't mean the meat is eliminated while jeopardizing the nutrition and flavor. The Korean meals we chose to serve are as delicious and nutritious as the original recipe. These meals are also good for keeping at home for 5 days. So order in, 3 days later, for lunch, you can heat them back up tasting even better.
Have you been feeling overwhelmed by disposable food containers and Tupperware at home already?
We are here to unburden that for you. We are coming back the next day to collect the empty Tupperware.
You don't need to wash them. We will get in touch with you and
you can leave the bag outside of the door, we will swing by and collect them back.
All delicious, healthy, economical
in zero-waste principle

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