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Aged Kimchi with Peach (3 months)

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This is a variation of Kimchi is not a common recipe in Korea as peach was highly loved fruits that often time enjoyed as they are. They are difficult to grow to a perfect ripe level that Koreans. The olden days of perceptions was that many Korean felt allergy to peach skin as well.


Nevertheless, I feel lucky that both wild peach and farmed peach types are available in the Europe. Though its aroma and flavour will be somewhat burried away by garlic, onion, sea plants, ginger, leeks and other relatively stronger flavoured ingredients, I believe that the microortganisms will appreciate the diversity in this recipe. 



Wild Peach 8 : Farmed Peach 2 ratio


17 Ingredient List


Body: Nappa cabbages - Netherlands & Germany


  • Codium - Baltic sea,

  • Kelp - South Korea

  • Seaweed - South Korea

  • Peach (Flat Peach 6 : Conventional Peach 4)

  • Sun-dried red pepper powder - South Korea (Soon to be house-made)

  • Naturally Fermented Soy Sauce (Joseon ganjang) - South Korea (Soon to be house-made)

  • Apples - Netherlands

  • Onions - Netherlands

  • Garlic - Netherlands

  • Ginger - Netherlands

  • Leeks - Netherlands

  • Scallions - Netherlands

  • Carrots - Netherlands

  • Fresh chili peppers - Netherlands


  • Natural Sea Salt - France 'Only used during the dehydration stage then washed off after. 

Aged Kimchi with Peach (3 months)

Release date of this Aged Kimchi is 10th September.
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