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Aged Kimchi with Plum (3 months)

Release date: 10th June 2024


This is a variation of Kimchi that includes this year's Plums (8 : 2 Apples). Plums are a great source of nutrition for microorganisms as well as for humans. Fermenting this Kimchi for 3 months in the Traditional pot, the beautiful aroma of the plums will be well integrated with 16 other ingredients: becoming a whole new level of Kimchi for you to enjoy.


17 Ingredient List


Body: Nappa cabbages - Netherlands & Germany


  • Codium - Baltic sea pr Portugese Pacific

  • Kelp - South Korea

  • Seaweed - South Korea

  • Plum

  • Sun-dried red pepper powder - South Korea (Soon to be house-made)

  • Naturally Fermented Soy Sauce (Joseon Ganjang) - South Korea (Soon to be house-made)

  • Apples - Netherlands

  • Onions - Netherlands

  • Garlic - Netherlands

  • Ginger - Netherlands

  • Leeks - Netherlands

  • Scallions - Netherlands

  • Carrots - Netherlands

  • Fresh chili peppers - Netherlands


  • Natural Sea Salt - France 'Only used during the dehydration stage then washed off after. 

Aged Kimchi with Plum (3 months)

Release date of this Aged Kimchi is 12th August.
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