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The Table for Experience

Creativity | Authenticity
All workshops and events are operated to be zero-waste.

All workshops can be exclusive to each group and a person with flexible dates and times.

You can contact me via email or Whatsapp with 3 potential availabilities and confirm the final booking.​​

Host your next birthday, gathering, or teambuilding event at House of Fermentation.

Our unique Korean menu and private event options will bring your group together

in a memorable, delicious, and healthy way.

Looking to boost team morale and build stronger relationships within your company?

Our team-building workshops offer a variety of activities to suit your needs.

From healthy cooking classes to open-ended events and dinner parties, we have something for everyone.

Let us help you create a unique and memorable experience for your team.


Contact us today to learn more and schedule your event."

Fermentation Workshop + Kimchi Hotel

Let your Kimchi ferment

in the traditional pot from

S. Korea

in the heart of

Amsterdam West

Take your fermentation skills to the next level with Fermentation Workshop + Kimchi Hotel program.


Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the game, our traditional fermentation methods will ensure that your Kimchi is healthy, delicious, and forever fermenting.

Check-in: Make your own Kimchi at HoF, then place your Kimchi in an Ongi of your selection for 1 month fermentation period in the garden.

Check-out: Come back in 1 month's time to finally take your well-aged Kimchi home. 

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