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Fermentation workshop + Kimchi Hotel

Finally your beautiful traditional way to fermenting your kimchi

  • 3 hr
  • 150 euros
  • House of Fermentation

Service Description

Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the game, our traditional fermentation methods will ensure that your Kimchi is healthy, delicious, and forever fermenting. This workshop is your ultimate Kimchi-making experience that allows mother nature to do its work with your Kimchi. With traditional fermentation pot shipped directly from the government-certified craftsman, Chung-Gil Hwang in Yesan, South Korea, your Kimchi will be breathing and transforming into one-of-a-kind Kimchi of your own. For this workshop to come true, we thank everyone who supported our Kimchi Hotel project on Kickstarter! What does it entail for you? 1. 2.5 - 3 hour workshop, Making about 5 - 6 kg Kimchi + 6 liter Fermentation Ongi. 2. All kitchen equipment and kitchenware are provided. 3. Total of 17 ingredients, traditional & authentic recipe, one of a kind methodology 4. Selection of a pot, placing the Kimchi in, seal the pot, and label 5. Tasting: various types of Kimchi from House of Fermentation + your own Kimchi (freshly made) 6. 1 Month stay in Ongi in the garden of HoF Check-in: Make your own Kimchi then place your Kimchi in an Ongi of your selection for 1 month fermentation period in the garden. Check-out: Come back in 1 month's time to finally take your well-aged Kimchi home. 1. 1 sealable jar (standard IKEA Korken 850 gram) is provided. 2. Please do bring additional jars: 2 more of 850 gram or one 1.5 kg jar 3. Get excited and enjoy your Kimchi at home.

Contact Details

  • Witte de Withstraat 148h, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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