About Mina 

If you ever wondered who the person behind this business is, here are some quick facts:

  • Born and raised in Jinju, South Korea

  • Typical Capricorn, 39 going 40


Taking after my father

  • Golden Retriever like energy and personality

  • Love being around like-minded people

  • Always up to something creative, crafty or inventive


Taking after my mother

  • Adventurous, fun-loving, I eat all the time, and love to cook sustainably

  • Self-doubting at times, might escalate stupid things quite quickly into major jokes

  • Extremely resourceful, a survivor, quick on the feet, street smart


“You can drop her in the middle of the desert and she will find her way out” - my high school teacher said once.


Corporate Trainer 

Learning program Facilitator

Learning program Development

  • 17-year and continuing experience in Learning and Development.  

  • Specialized in intensive, peer to peer training program on public speaking, corporate integration, inclusion & identity at workplaces, cultural integration and language learning.   

  • Run light version of The Table for Career Development for Booking's family and partners. 

  • Consult and design customized sessions and learning programs for learners of all backgrounds.

  • Cambridge University Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults - Barcelona. 

  • Deeply passionate about Growth Mindset, learning for life, empowered to empower, 


About my mother

  • Born and raised in Choongmoo (now called Tongyung)

  • Post-Korean war generation & famine survivor. 

  • Being practically a single mom, raised 3 boys and 1 girl.

  • Terrible cook due to her dull pallet

  • Though she knew a lot about seafood, its health benefits, overall kitchen work.

  • Tiny but stacky. 

  • Daring, confrontational and has no filter. 

  • Loved hosting social gatherings.

  • Ran a tiny restaurant often times failing ones because she ran it to meet her friends there. 

  • Often called the ladies to her tiny restaurant to hang out instead of running a business. 

  • Loved going to public bathhouse just to hang out and gossip with local ladies

"I have a restaurant so that the people come and have fun. It's not for money but for fun." 

Housing Korean traditional fermentation workshop, 

Housing Kimchi themed Workshops,

Housing Fermentation Showroom,

Sustainable lifestyle events,

Houses Art & Food Experiences, 

Buy healthy vegan Kimchi in Amsterdam.

Taste true fermentation product made with-

authentic Korean recipes

No sugar, no plastic, no artificial ingredients

The complete zero-waste purchasing cycle

Sustainable production phylosophy

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