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1 : 1

  • Free consultation and exit consultation

  • A monthly program and payment

  • Customized curriculum and module based on the consultation

  • Online and offline support

  • Language program included

  • Networking opportunities included

  • A 30 min free consultation to map out your needs and customize the program


  • To secure your spot

The Table for Knowledge

Our favorite resources for personal and professional growth




3-Day Program | Job Interview Skill

An Intensive Group Training Program: 3 day x 3 hours (Mon to Wed) | Maximum 15 learners per program

What are the objectives of the program?

  • Introducing Amsterdam market stories, information, maps of the overall hiring process

  • Building the awareness of individual working experience, ability to share stories

  • Learning how to introduce yourself, present your skill set and personality authentically

  • Building individuality, learning who you are in the new city, improving confidence


Career Development Booklet

Our learners receive our booklet “The Table for Career Development”. Inside, they will find:

  1. Dissecting hiring stages

  2. Interview templates - introduction, hard skill stories, soft skill stories, attribute stories, life-in-Amsterdam stories

  3. Go deeper into hard skills: STARR format

  4. Skill Journal to practice

  5. Career map (based on the founder’s story)


How do we measure the success of the program?

At the end of the program each learner fills in the exit survey that looks into:

  • How confident and self-aware learners feel in their career development journeys

  • Ability to present and share their stories in authentic and engaging ways

  • Individual learners feedback


How do our clients join?

For Corporate Clients aiming to provide relocation support to family members of the employees:

  • Option A: We allocate designated amount of seats for client company’s learners at an external location we provide.

  • Option B: Client company books the program and provides the internal or external location.

Day 1

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Program overview

Instructor’s 5 min presentation


Around the table

Peer to Peer introduction,

job hunting experience, sharing general tips, and information


Resources sharing

CV Screening

Peer to Peer

scanning + feedback


1st round (5 min) introductions session + open feedback


Edit the content


2nd round

Introductions session

+ open feedback

1st round

Hard skills talks + open feedback


Edit contents


2nd round

Hard skills story



Preparation + setting expectations for the next day

Day 2

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

The biggest challenge

Invited guest storyteller + Q&A


Around the table

Finalize intros and 1st hard skill stories


1st round

Peer to peer mock-up interview + feedback


Edit the content

2nd round

Peer to Peer mock-up interview

+ feedback


Edit stories


3rd round

Peer to Peer mock-up interview

+ feedback

Edit the content

Around the table

Interview questions

Personality traits & how to build your story around it


Develop your stories


Summary of the training



Day 3

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Self Awareness

Group discussion


Instructor’s story



1st round

Candidate vs group panel mock-up interview (20min)


Feedback session (10min)

2nd round

Candidate vs group panel mock-up interview (20min) &

Feedback session (10min)


3rd round

Candidate vs group panel mock-up interview (20min) &

Feedback session (10min)

4th round

Candidate vs group panel mock-up interview (20min) &

Feedback session (10min)


Around the table




Exit Survey

The Table for Testimonials

Pailin Saengsopon | Account Manager LinkedIn

I met Mina for the first time at The Table for Career Development training for family and partners. The program was impactful for my job search in the Netherlands. 
I was frustrated with the job search processes in Amsterdam because I didn't speak Dutch. So I felt like my choices were limited and that also put me in the competitive expat pool. 

So in the first training, Mina helped...

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